Understanding Dependencies

When an application is developed, it is common to communicate with other applications (dependencies). That allow to add functionality without having to develop it. It is only necessary to communicate properly with the dependency that provides the desired functionality. Being able to easily include dependencies, provides the possibility to rehuse components, both own and others; thereby grants the opportunity to focus on the business rules of the problem to be solved reducing considerably the development time. [Read More]

The Craftman's Path

Hello World! I’m Carlos and I aspire to become a Software Craftsman. It is not an easy goal because unlike other specialties, there is no formal studies where you could learn it. It is a philosophy of life and requires a lot effort. What it means to be a Craftsman Software? For me, it means to feel passion, pride and respect for the profession. Take responsibility for the work done and act professionally, giving our customers the quality they deserve. [Read More]